Omnes Audio SideKick _ L + M Test fazit Klang + Ton Heft Setlers 2018

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Two compact boxes with passive membrane. Powerful Minis. For fun, I used the SideKick _ M times as a PC speaker to the left and right of the monitor. In doing so, they almost pushed me and the office chair against the opposite wall, as much as "groans" that. These are two sonically really adult compact boxes that can do far more difficult sound tasks than it visually seems. The smaller SideKick _ M seems to me the more universal solution, a recommendation is definitely there for both. Holger Barske

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Omnes Audio Power Duo Test Conticism Sound + Sound Heft Setlers 2018

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Through the wall. Clearly an open book system, the Oberurseler has been doing this for a long time. Level limits? Not within somehow meaningful boundaries. The ensemble is absolutely rock ready for rock music and goes off like the proverbial fire brigade. And this is not an anemic pseudo-bass, what goes down there, that seriously pushes – quite astonishing. The broadband connects to this seamlessly and also commands the very best dynamic manners. The small overall height of the system is not a problem, the speaker still draws consistent proportions and provides a realistic size image. The sound dissolves perfectly, the ratio of image width to – depth can also be adjusted via the angle. Tonally, both converters fit in perfectly, the slightly grouped gait of the five-knler complements the pithy low tone perfectly. Great class and definitely the most exciting thing to screw into a board right now! Holger Barske

Say hello again;-). The new BB3. AL is here!


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We've made the classic a little better among the 3 inch broadband! Missing a new aluminium cast basket, thus better behind ventilation, easier to install and visually even nicer. In addition, we have increased the impedance from 6 to 8 ohm. The OTS is 0.5. But let's face it all, the technical qualities could not be improved much. This classic remains an absolute top class for the next 15 years. We are already looking forward to the new competent evaluations of the trade press, as long as you can still read the last conclusions of the trade press. So stay curious, which will surely be followed by exciting projects with the new Omnes Audio BB3.AL.

New: Omnes Audio PowerDuo kit

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Our new small, open sound wall impresses with its punchy and dynamic sound. The listener feels like he's at a live concert, thanks to

  • Dynamics through the open sound wall housing principle
  • The outstanding space of the Tang Band W5-1880
  • The punchy, dust-dry bass rendition of the Omnes Audio OBW15PA

The trade press is enthusiastic after the first test tones. But best to convince yourself. Agree and inspire listening appointments. Coming soon in the screening.

Technical Data:

  • Efficiency: 87dB
  • Separation frequency: 350 Hz/18dB
  • Fx: 35-22000Hz
  • Impedancy Nom.: 6 Ohm (5.1 Ohm/65Hz)
  • Dimensions H/B/T: 700x540x280mm

Stereoplay Heft 10/2017 Test fazit miniDSP Dirac DDRC-24

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Sweetspot. There is often this one place where the property sounds best, but most of the time the favourite chair stands elsewhere. The miniDSP Dirac DDRC-24 brings them together and conjures up a little more. Conclusion: Such a large improvement in sound can not be realized in normal living spaces elsewhere even for much more money. The Dirac Live correction, which is also used in Rolls Royce and Bentley's high-end sound systems and in digital home theater processors from Nobel maker Theta, is a dream come true. And the miniDSP DDRC-24 offers the opportunity to make it come true. Bernd Theiss

New: Omnes Audio OnePoint10 kit

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Whether rock and roll red-cheeked and punky … Or jazz up close and live. All no problem with our new OnePoint10 bass reflexbox. Our new Omnes Audio CX10 Koax plays your Best of Songs as authentically as you are there live. This point sound source offers you an almost perfect listening experience, thanks to its much more homogeneous temporal course, it creates a precise illusion of the true event, as if your band were playing live in front of you on stage. Its balance and spatial representation give this box its peculiarity. Welcome to Live Act OnePoint10! Note: Tube-friendly efficiency!

New of the Omnes Audio CX10

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Rock ' n roll red-cheeked and punky … Or jazz up close and live.
New the Omnes Audio CX10: An old acquaintance in a new design. And a really old project that was started even before Omnes Audio existed. The first patterns were at that time before approx. 15 years ordered by Nick Baur himself. And then as "nice to have" a little forgotten.
Now, however, now available from us: The 25cm Koax. Not quite PA and not quite hi-fi. There is rarely a chassis that gets this balancing act. We made some modifications, all of which have improved the quality of music playback. Such as. The coating has eliminated the sound discoloration of the original. Universally, various tweeters can be used. The CX10 feels like in Bass Reflex. 40 litres probably.

Rejoice, a loudspeaker with a recommendation will also appear with us soon …

LP Heft 4/17 Test fazit Omnes Audio Monitor No. 4 Royal

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The Royal. In many cases, reduction to the essentials is a proven means of achieving excellent results. Blue Planet Acoustic has brought it to real mastery. In this case, reduction means concentrating on a driver that serves the entire frequency spectrum. To get as close as possible to the ideal of the point sound source. With the "No.4 Royal," Blue Planet Acoustic has now released a slightly smaller variant of the theme, where the full-range concept has been implemented at the highest possible qualitative level … The type designation of the box hints at it: A four-inch is used here, and a truly royal one: The W4-1879 is not the youngest horse in the Frankfurt stable, but certainly one of the ambitious tests…In this case, it is the American Interpreter Lyn Stanley, who makes her album "Interludes." Whether you need Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love" in the smooth jazz outfit, performed by a bell-pure female voice or not, be left tuned now. The fact is, however, that after a few bars, the title makes it clear that this is an excellent loudspeaker. It sounds completely closed, both warm and gentle. Basins have shine and energy, the voice sounds velvety and highly precise, with many details in the breathing sounds and in the syphemlanes. I don't miss bass – even though the box stands free in the room at the ancestral place … Bottom line: "Absolutely amazing what the tiny four-litre monitor is capable of in terms of accuracy, imaging and sound colour richness: Of course, this does not tear out trees, but is much more than a stopgap for tiny spaces. Holger Barske

Sound + Sound Heft 2/2017 Test fazit mini subwoofer!

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New deep tweeters! As they like to do, the men of Blue Planet Acoustic have put us by a whole swing of subwoofers. On a proxy basis, we want to introduce you to two of them. The PR14-C and the PR10-A. Common to all new subwoofers are the passive membranes, the construction of which Tang Band has been committed to for some time. The Tang Band resonators are made of a piece of rubber and, like chassis, are simply screwed onto the case. Compared to the really cheap "Portokassen subwoofers," volume has once again been significantly reduced here, so that the construction of ultra-compact sub-satellite systems is now within reach for the self-builder. The whole thing is not extremely favorable, but the level is also much higher than for the commercially available PC speakers, for example. The PR14-C is still equipped with a conventional chassis, the W6-1139, which flank two oval passive membranes. Here you have a decent efficiency and a relatively high broadband resistance at a distance – here you have to filter accordingly via an active module. The smaller PR10-A, on the other hand, is pure subwoofer: The massive special driver, coupled with the large passive radiator, ensures a purely mechanical filter formation: Already from 70 Hertz it goes downhill with the sound pressure. But this can be passively untowed with a correspondingly large coil, so that you get a sub between 45 and 100 hertz well usable with a minimal effort. Conclusion: For applications with minimal space requirements, the ideal subwoofer.

Sound + Sound Heft 5/2017 Test fazit Omnes Audio Luna AMT!

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Dream two-way kit! With taste. No broadband: Blue Planet Acoustic presents a small, dignified two-way speaker with special assembly. We're dealing with a pretty little two-way monitor, where a slightly exotic five-inch low tweeter and an AMT make for the sound. The connection to the deep-medium toner is seamless, both of which act in a similar way and effortlessly. It goes without saying that nothing grows into the sky when it comes to bass foundation; What the Luna AMT does in this regard, though, is worth all the honors, as bass and drums on "Six Blade Knife" by Dire Straits, are just proving quite impressively. Very jagged, very contoured, which delivers the pretty compact. I was a little afraid of Hubert Laws ' flute on his 1970s album "Afro-Classic," but it turned out to be unfounded: The Luna AMT handles the very smoothly jazz extremely carefully. She sorts the up to eight musicians quite excellently in the room and doesn't inflate the drums to unnatural size. Yes, the pools that might be a bit … You know. For this it sounds far out of the loudspeaker level, staggers excellently into the depths and I look again for safety what the kit costs: 180 euros per side, actually. astonishing. And if you have a well-dampened and not too big a room, then maybe you should give the little one a chance. Holger Barske