Sound + Sound Heft 5/2017 Test fazit Omnes Audio Luna AMT!

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Dream two-way kit! With taste. No broadband: Blue Planet Acoustic presents a small, dignified two-way speaker with special assembly. We're dealing with a pretty little two-way monitor, where a slightly exotic five-inch low tweeter and an AMT make for the sound. The connection to the deep-medium toner is seamless, both of which act in a similar way and effortlessly. It goes without saying that nothing grows into the sky when it comes to bass foundation; What the Luna AMT does in this regard, though, is worth all the honors, as bass and drums on "Six Blade Knife" by Dire Straits, are just proving quite impressively. Very jagged, very contoured, which delivers the pretty compact. I was a little afraid of Hubert Laws ' flute on his 1970s album "Afro-Classic," but it turned out to be unfounded: The Luna AMT handles the very smoothly jazz extremely carefully. She sorts the up to eight musicians quite excellently in the room and doesn't inflate the drums to unnatural size. Yes, the pools that might be a bit … You know. For this it sounds far out of the loudspeaker level, staggers excellently into the depths and I look again for safety what the kit costs: 180 euros per side, actually. astonishing. And if you have a well-dampened and not too big a room, then maybe you should give the little one a chance. Holger Barske