New of the Omnes Audio CX10

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Rock ' n roll red-cheeked and punky … Or jazz up close and live.
New the Omnes Audio CX10: An old acquaintance in a new design. And a really old project that was started even before Omnes Audio existed. The first patterns were at that time before approx. 15 years ordered by Nick Baur himself. And then as "nice to have" a little forgotten.
Now, however, now available from us: The 25cm Koax. Not quite PA and not quite hi-fi. There is rarely a chassis that gets this balancing act. We made some modifications, all of which have improved the quality of music playback. Such as. The coating has eliminated the sound discoloration of the original. Universally, various tweeters can be used. The CX10 feels like in Bass Reflex. 40 litres probably.

Rejoice, a loudspeaker with a recommendation will also appear with us soon …