REDCATT is a privately held, international company, established in 2014.

The  objective was to create a true state-of-the-art facility focusing on production quality audio products. REDCATT has heavily invested into hi-tech manufacturing technologies, quality control equipment and software, as well as into modern design software solutions for FEM, CAD and acoustic modeling.

The company has strong financial backing and established key vendor relationships, as well as extensive long term financing available for our future growth.

The core management team at REDCATT has been sourcing and building transducer components, sub-assemblies and systems in China for over 25 years. We have direct experience with the challenges and risks of sourcing parts in China. Our factory, our communications style and business culture represent our experience and our desire to be “easy to work with”. To that end, we strive to be direct and transparent in all aspects of our customer relationships.

Our team has extensive experience in the audio industry in all engineering and development stages – from design and development to quality control and manufacturing. Our combined knowledge ensures we can design and produce the best speakers and systems while meeting your cost targets.

Our team members have been working all around the world for the biggest players in the audio market with direct R&D and manufacturing experience from companies like Mackie Designs, RCF, B&C Speakers, Rode Microphones, Event Electronics, etc., providing R&D engineering or setting up production facilities in Australia, Czech Republic, Italy, USA, and of course China.

REDCATT uses Klippel Software to design Chassis for every purpose. We sell to HIFI, Installer and PA market.

Please download the latest PDF catalog with more products and accurate TSP parameters.

REDCATT Catalog 2310 (XL)