LP Heft 4/17 Test fazit Omnes Audio Monitor No. 4 Royal

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The Royal. In many cases, reduction to the essentials is a proven means of achieving excellent results. Blue Planet Acoustic has brought it to real mastery. In this case, reduction means concentrating on a driver that serves the entire frequency spectrum. To get as close as possible to the ideal of the point sound source. With the "No.4 Royal," Blue Planet Acoustic has now released a slightly smaller variant of the theme, where the full-range concept has been implemented at the highest possible qualitative level … The type designation of the box hints at it: A four-inch is used here, and a truly royal one: The W4-1879 is not the youngest horse in the Frankfurt stable, but certainly one of the ambitious tests…In this case, it is the American Interpreter Lyn Stanley, who makes her album "Interludes." Whether you need Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love" in the smooth jazz outfit, performed by a bell-pure female voice or not, be left tuned now. The fact is, however, that after a few bars, the title makes it clear that this is an excellent loudspeaker. It sounds completely closed, both warm and gentle. Basins have shine and energy, the voice sounds velvety and highly precise, with many details in the breathing sounds and in the syphemlanes. I don't miss bass – even though the box stands free in the room at the ancestral place … Bottom line: "Absolutely amazing what the tiny four-litre monitor is capable of in terms of accuracy, imaging and sound colour richness: Of course, this does not tear out trees, but is much more than a stopgap for tiny spaces. Holger Barske