Omnes Audio Power Duo Test Conticism Sound + Sound Heft Setlers 2018

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Through the wall. Clearly an open book system, the Oberurseler has been doing this for a long time. Level limits? Not within somehow meaningful boundaries. The ensemble is absolutely rock ready for rock music and goes off like the proverbial fire brigade. And this is not an anemic pseudo-bass, what goes down there, that seriously pushes – quite astonishing. The broadband connects to this seamlessly and also commands the very best dynamic manners. The small overall height of the system is not a problem, the speaker still draws consistent proportions and provides a realistic size image. The sound dissolves perfectly, the ratio of image width to – depth can also be adjusted via the angle. Tonally, both converters fit in perfectly, the slightly grouped gait of the five-knler complements the pithy low tone perfectly. Great class and definitely the most exciting thing to screw into a board right now! Holger Barske