From now on, it's available! New: Truly Koenlich! The Omnes Audio Monitor No. 4 Royal.

monitor-nr-4-royal-single front blue monitor-nr-4-royal-einzel-in-winkel-blue monitor-nr-4-royal-paary-close-more-cointer-blue monitor-nr-4-royal-pair front blue

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Our 3. HiFi complete box. Sonically and visually a royal apparition, so our new compact box with the 4-inch broadband from Tang Band presents itself to the W4-1879! The drive of the 2-kilogram driver is provided by a powerful magnetic system, which expends its forces with recessed neodymium discs and burts with force. Visually, the broadband, with its copper-colored, unique phase plug, the box puts the crown on! Experts agree on this chassis: It delivers peak performance in sound, low bass and dynamics. A small speaker with high-end claim, highly recommended. Available now from us in the shop.

Technical equipment:

10 cm broadband module highly resilient, aluminium cast basket, paper membrane bambus-reinforced, rubber sicken, neodymium magnetic system

Technical Data:
SPL 85 dB
Frequency response 55 Hz-20 kHz
Nominal Impedanz 8 Ohm
B x H x T: 162 x 230 x 200 mm
Principle bass reflex

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