All in white! New arrived our monitor No. 5 finished box in glossy white livery!


monitor-nr-5-white front Monitor No. 5 _ W5-2106 13 cm broadband module (2)monitor-nr5-weiss-frontda

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NEU now also in white: Stage again for our Omnes Audio Monitor No. 5. Tested by the professional world and found to be good!
A musical delight! Our first complete hi-fi box inspires, musically and visually, with one of our most successful broadband modules of the outstanding W5-2106. With this, the monitor No.5 forms a convincing spatiality and fascinating stage! One of the most successful kits now also as a finished hi-fi box!

Just put it up, hook up and enjoy!

Its balanced homogeneous frequency response offers convincing qualities in both coarse and fine-dynamic music reproduction. A stress-free long-term listening pleasure at its best and extremely musically inspiring!

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