Roon oder Daphile…

… das ist hier die Frage. Im Internet findet man viel über Beide Musik Server. Daphile im DIY Bereich und Ronn nur im Hifi Bereich.
Dabei haben Beide viel Gemeinsamkeiten. Hier mal eine Tabelle für die Installation des Servers, Rock bei Roon genannt:

Roon RockDaphile Distro
NUC mit M.2 und SSD Platte, Legacy Support
Jeder alte Rechner bzw Einsteiger NUC reicht
Booten vom USB Stick
Booten vom USB Stick
KostenMonatlich/ JährlichZur freien Verfügung
Web ServerNeinIntegriert
BedienungSoftware, AppBrowser, App (mehrere)
Plattform der AppAndroid, Apple, WindowsAndroid, Apple, PC mit Browser (also auch Linux)
MultiroomJaJa, über Squeeze Box
ServiceForum (Englisch)Diverse Foren
WiFiNicht empfohlenAutomatisch
SpeicherSSD, NAS, USB Speicher
Besonderheit: nicht auf der Server Platte.
SSD, NAS, USB Speicher
Es lässt sich alles einbinden.
Daphile arbeitet wie ein Server

Fehlt was? Ende des ersten Teils…

Ohne Frequenzweiche???

Geht doch gar nicht. DOCH… Unser Klassiker FLAT 5 mit dem „alten“ W5-1611…
Auch Lautsprecher Konstruktionen die etwas anders aussehen und ungewöhnlich gestaltet sind können überzeugen. Und wie…
Es ist genau 10 Jahre her, dass wir die Breitbandfähigkeit des W5-1611 herausgefunden haben. Die TML hilft dem Treiber ein solides Bass Fundament zu erzeugen…
Alles Andere ist Geschichte…. Das feire ich mit Freigabe des TML Plans und des (zeitlich begrenzten) Sonderangebotes des W5-1611…

Wunderwaffe W5-1611

Kit PR11-A and PR09-B Test fazit Klang + Sound Heft 6/2017

PR11-A in the shop PR09-B in the shop

Give rubber. We still have two of the new subwoofers with Tang Band drivers and passive membrane: A big one and a very small one, where you don't want to believe that really deep sounds come out. Do them though … The tiny PR11-A – a 1-litre sub shows how extreme the membranes combined with a corresponding driver work! And that's good, very good even: The bass dwarf is already there from 50 Hertz, offers a decent frequency range and can even do a bit of a level: For desk applications, it's just the thing. The PR09-B is the scale enlargement of the dwarf: Here, of course, it is in terms of depth and level at other scales: 35 Hertz at a healthy 85 dB at one watt is there and a resilience that still shows no limits at 95 decibels: For music and even in a The still very compact PR09-B is ideal for a smaller home cinema setup. Conclusion: For applications with minimal space requirements, the ideal subwoofer. Thomas Schmidt

Omnes Audio OnePoint10 Kit Test Convenit Sound + Sound Heft 6/2017!


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Off through the middle. Driver: The coaxial converter used is not one off the mark. The driver plays in the borderline between sound and hi-fi technology and is just right for contemporaries who would like it to be a bit trunk and more efficient with one or the other decibel. Sound: Interesting format as it stands in a listening position in front of one, the OnePoint10. Not really small, with the wraparound overrun and the slight inclination to the back definitely coherent and coherent in itself. I left a first acquaintance to the guitar anarcho Seasick Steve and his numerous self-built instruments of the oblique kind. The first grin was there after 2 bars, the following it became more and more wide. The box impresses from the stand with an open and wonderfully direct guitar sound and a pithy vocal articulation. Not in the slightest prolent, but with a view to the essentials … With the extremely impulsive material, the speaker is fully in its element. The extremely high-energy vibrafon in particular throws the horn tweeter into the room completely unstrained, and with terrifying dynamism … What am I missing? nothing. I think I have a new Omnes favourite box. Great class! Holger Barske

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We invite you very warmly to stay with us on the West German hi-fi days (SA. 30.09. + So. 1/10.) watch the clock in Room 261 to enjoy a sensational listening appointment with our latest open 2-way high-end sound wall of the Omnes Audio InStyle Fresh. Because we have perfected the art of omitting audiophile and eliminating a disruptive factor that is not insignificant for high-end systems: The housing. Sounds simple but sounds sensational. But see for yourself, we look forward to your visit!

New: Omnes Audio Monitor No. 4 titanium.

No4titan-singleNo4titan-chassis close No4titan-double-side-cloe No4titan-double-side-closer No4titan-double-to-each other-close No4titan-double-to-each other

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Our 4. Sting in terms of finished box! A titan among the small compact hi-fi boxes and an exceptional multi-purpose talent! Visually and tonally an ear and eye candy. Small, compact with crisp bass-with the 10cm (4 ") EdelbreiBands W4-1337 from Tang Band, a particularly high-quality music reproduction succeeds. With or without a subwoofer-in all areas this small loudspeaker will inspire you!

Technical Data:
Impedancy.: 8 Ohm
SPL:85 dB
Bass reflex
B x H x T: 162 x 230 x 200 mm
Frequency response 55 Hz – 20 kHz


New: BPA forum for all technical questions!

Hello dear Blue Planet Acoustic friends, we are expanding our technical customer support and have now installed a forum that can be used for all technical issues. Since due to the high e-mail spam and our strict spam filter we can no longer guarantee whether your e-mails are seen at all or at all. These within 24 hours Can be answered. Therefore, please use the forum in the future. Of course, we continue to provide our telephone support.

New: TekLine kit

dscf8351 dscf8352 dscf8353 dscf8356 dscf8358 dscf8361

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Take a TekLine! Now it's time, we've combined the LS Copper, our one-piece, red gold colored aluminum inverse calotte with our, sonically and price-attractive, highly attractive tweeter of the Omnes Audio T25H in the TekLine of a TML/TQWT standbox. The result is not only visually dead-chic, but also tonally, she can be heard excellently. That's why we recommend: Take a TekLine and enjoy the sound of this noble kit.

New: Omnes Audio Shorty 2016 kit

1-shorty2016_single-frontal 2-shorty2016_single sideways 3-shorty2016-double to each other 4-shorty2016-double-consecutive frontal 5-shorty2016-double-lightweight to each other-close 6-shorty2016-double-lightweight to each other-up

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Welcome Shorty! The Shorty 2016 offers the optimal entry into the hi-fi world for small money. The 2 highly attractive price-attractive protagonists, the Omnes Audio LoCo 6.1 a 6 inch standard deep medium toner with steel basket and the Omnes Audio T25H tweeter play together excellently. This made the direction clear: The Shorty 2016, like its predecessors, is an extremely cheap kit that provides excellent value for tonally. With its dimensions of 24 x 37 x 30 cm (B x H x T), the little one is extremely coherent in size and also finds its place on the shelf. So grab the shorty and sound up your life!