New: The Omnes Audio Greenwood 10 Koax kit

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Cinema Feeling at its best! New: The Omnes Audio Greenwood 10 Koax kit, our response to the increased desire for real home cinema sound. What this means can be seen if you consistently select the speakers to do so. Plenty of membrane area, efficiency and tuning which is good on the dampened home cinema or Housing cinema facilities are tailored. With the Greenwood 10 Koax, we put another variant of real "cinema feeling" loudspeaker to the side of the inclined self farmer.

With its 25 cm deep medium toner and its 25 mm pressure chamber high-tone horn driver, an enormous efficiency and a perfect spatial image is created thanks to coaxial structure.
The reason voting was developed specifically for wall close lineup and "in-wall and on-wall." With 55 Hz lower limit frequency and 94 dB at Nominell 8 Ohm, no power bolides need to be raised for the home cinema "top part." Even when used in pure stereo, the "little digital" from the desk reaches to create a live feel.
For freestanding applications, the bass tuning can be raised by shortening the bass reflex tube to 60-65 Hz. Then party and cellar fetuses without subwoofers are also well sounded. With its masses H/T 50x40x30cm, the case also remains extremely compact for so much music!

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