Test fazit Sound + Sound Heft 4/2017 Omnes Audio Emotions _ AMT kit


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Sound: Yes. Thank you. Blue Planet Acoustic You know how to do it. It takes a maximum of the first two bars of Neil Diamond's wonderful "The Trouble Me" to find that the tweeter's vote succeeded. In the case of the AMT, a slightly falling frequency response is mandatory and it can be heard here both in the frequency gangandiary – and in the hearing room passage. Well integrated, gentle, extremely natural and velvety, the emotion in 2017 sounds on top. Maybe a tiny bit on the too quiet side, but I like to accept that: The main thing is not this "hello, I'm an AMT" sound. And boy, that thing can be deep. A big drum like the one on the "Misa Criolla" sounds full, round and powerful. Not with last dryness and precision, but with authority and amazing expansion down. Considering the price: Large class. The box is also able to fan the choir wonderfully on this title, to release the soloist very well and to ensure an extremely convincing impression of space. The impression of the soft, dignified sound image remains and runs through the entire performance of this great speaker. You have to look for such a complete and classy sound for such manageable money! Holger Barske