Hobby HiFi Heft 4/2017 Chassis Test Faczits:

Illustrations from left to right: W3-315, Exclusive 6, Exclusive 6M, LoCo 6.1, SW 6.01

Tang Band W3-315: Perfect broadband for near-field use. Tang Band's W3-315 is a perfect bracelets in all sonically relevant disciplines – for near-field applications.
Omnes Audio Exclusive 6: Great acoustic quality thanks to honeycomb sandwich hard membrane. Omnes Audio delivers an excellent 18-centimetre bass with excellent acoustic quality, ideal for shelf boxes up to 20 litres.
Omne's Audio Exclusive 6M: Deep than the tinker for bass reflex shelf boxes. With the Exclusive 6M, Omnes Audio delivers an excellent deep-medium toner that can be used up to 3,000 hertz. Optimally housed in a more than ten litre bass reflex case, it allows for a lower limit frequency around 50 Hertz.
Omnes Audio LoCo 6.1: Excellent acoustic quality at the combat price. The name of the LoCo 6.1 of Omnes Audio is program: The abbreviation suggests – quite rightly – a proximity to "low cost." With just 25 euros, the chassis does justice to it, with its acoustic qualities rather not: They fit much better into a higher price range.
Omnes Audio SW 6.01: Subwoofer driver for compact bass reflex and GHP cases. The Omnes Audio Subwoofer driver SW 6.01 enables the construction of subwoofers with convincingly deep bass and impressive level reserves.