Sound + Sound Heft 4/2016 Test results for the Omnes Audio No.5 Royal

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Summary and conclusion: Big number!
In the No. 4 Royal in the last issue it started, now Blue Planet Acoustic has recreated a larger version of its excellent broadband compacts. No. 5 Royal significantly increased in terms of dimensions.  And she now looks like a "proper" speaker. We had the box with the four-inch in the last issue, now comes the bigger variant. The No. 5 Royal behaves in the same way as was expected after the experience with the four-inch variant.

The driver: It is called W5-1880 and is a real gem of broadband. Lightness, splashiness, the ability to fill even such a large space with music – that makes the No. 5 Royal with left. So just an enlarged No. 4th? Not quite. There are certainly differences in tonal. These are, in fact, those that can also be seen in the frequency response. There is absolutely no question about the clear superiority of the No. 5 Royal, if it's a little more nocous. You can even hear Kyuss with it. The opener "Gardenia" from the album "Welcome to Sky Valley" goes better, of course, the further you turn the level plate towards unreasonableness, and the two five-timers go along with this for an astonishingly long time. Interestingly, the slight "high" beyond the speaker's presence range fits perfectly here. And what do we learn from it? That Blue Planet Acoustic consistently continues to generate broadband speakers of the highest quality class. And that there's nothing for nothing: The No. 5 Royal is clearly the more adult and potent speaker, the No. 4, though, scores with her high-pitched range, undefeated for a full-range construction. Enjoy choosing your favorite.

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