NEU: BlueStart 3.5 FAST kit

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All good things are BB3.5. Here is the third example of the successful use of our golden little BB3.5 broadband. Hobby HiFi Heft 4/2016 Test Check: "The BB3.5 from Omnes Audio impresses with excellent acoustic qualities." A broadband speaker that can be used very universally in the mid-high on sector. And with bass support, he really gets to the top shape! And he gets it in the BlueStart 3.5 FAST kit with the Omnes Audio LPG13, well known from the Blue Start 5 CB kit. Together with the 13 series and its excellent low tone characteristics, the BB3.5 can really play freely. According to the motto Sound me up Scotty, here the bear steps. But what do we tell you, convince yourself, and you will prove us right.

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