New: Talking Grass Transmissionline Standbox!

TalkingGrass3TalkingGrass2 talkingGrass v below talkingGrass5_closeUp TalkingGrassCouple

In the Shop Talking Grass kit

Talking Grass, no we don't mean Bob Marley's favourite herb. This would certainly increase the listening pleasure. We mean our new, extremely chic transmission line standbox Talking Grass with the modern broadband chassis BB3.5. As the hobby HiFi in the booklet 4/2016 test fazite already noted "The BB3.5 by Omnes Audio impresses with excellent acoustic qualities. It is well suited as a driver for a small transmission line. "

This kit is located between the legendary Cyburg Needle and the excellent Lancetta. Not only in size, no also of the tonal qualities to be at least equal. An adult speaker for music enjoyment with upscale room volume. He delivers absolute top performance in his class and remains quite affordable in price. With this in mind positive vibrations and sound up your life!
P. Soon we will offer you more kits with our goldy and versatile BB3.5.

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