New: Omnes Audio Desk-Top BB4 kit


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The recommendation of Hobby HiFi is clear: "Build the Desk-Top BB4 digitally-especially since the mini-DSP can be used for further projects at any time!"

Blue Planet Acoustic offer this kit exclusively in the active version with our 2×4 miniDSP Boxed.
The monitor was developed by Bernd Timmermanns.

Hobby HiFi Heft como 2016 Test excerpts:
Digital subwoofer satellite system for desk and living room. The Desk-Top BB4. In a speaker system for the desk, a 4-inch speaker chassis provides compact level resistance. … A desk sound solution with such lush dynamic reserves that it cuts a fine figure even in the living room.
Omnes Audio's 4 inch BB4.01 broadband features excellent acoustic qualities in all frequency ranges and still runs to the top shape in a small case volume-the ideal cast for the process top BB4.

Conclusion: The BB4.01 succeeds in a fantastic musical performance. But the DSP version offers the crucial tick more in spatial imaging.

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