OmnesAudio BB 3.5 in test!

In the Hobby HiFi Heft 4/2016, our BB3.5 broadband was tested and impressed all over the line.

BB3.5 with magnet tipped on sideBB3.5 doubleBB3.5 with magnet

For BB3.5 in the shop

The conclusion is: The BB3.5 from Omnes Audio impresses with excellent acoustic qualities. It is well suited as a driver for a small transmission line.

Omnes Audio delivers a new broadband in the 3.5-inch class. This features a flow-shaped alloy cast basket with slender jetties and generous centering spider rear ventilation … A golden-glossy anodised phase plug made of solid aluminum adorns the middle. A neodymium magnetic system with a vibrating coil, which is quite noticable as a long-height in view of the chassis size, provides the drive: 7.4 millimeters of wrap height at three millimeters of air gap depth allow a linear lift of as much as 2.2 millimeters. The playback curve is excellently balanced and linear. Etc.

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