Sound + Sound Heft 3/2017 Test Concence: Baus Test Omnes Audio Empire 2016 and Shorty 2016.

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Inexpensive compact/stand speaker kits from Blue Planet Acoustic. PEREFEKT BODENSTÄNDIG. Anyone, but offering speakers for a strictly limited budget, can be expensive, is an art. Blue Planet Acoustic tries its hand at two new models at the lower end of the price scale. Sound conclusion: First, the two compact Shorty were allowed to sit on suitable stands in 2016 and prove their potential. And there can not be the meckering: This sounds like all kinds of things, but not like a kit for a good 70 euros. First highlight: The tweeter (Omnes Audio T25H). He digestes the thoroughly pithy piano work on Eva Cassidy's "Ain't No Sunshine" completely without grumbling; He does not annoy, but positions the action perfectly positioned and sharply outlined to the semi-blind position, with energy and verve. It continues with Tom Jones's "Did Trouble Me." Amazing how big the action is portrayed and how much fervor the singer puts in his voice. This is unbreakless, gratifyingly correct and completely without conspicuous problems. The six-and-a-half (Omnes Audio LoCO 6.1) in the bass does its thing properly, but does not reinvent physics: If you want more drive and attack in low locations, you have to upgrade – for example with a second woofer of the same type. The 2016 empor shine with the same qualities as the Shorty, but seems tracket, more agile, more hearty than the little sister. And yes, there is also more bass, so right in the sense of "more." The tonal balance shifts slightly down, giving the sound a somewhat sonorous touch. With each slightly more violent attack, the two bass membranes pay off: It just sounds more jagged and grippy. Mr. Jones gets noticeably more ribcage and acts a little more velvety than he did about the 2016 Shorty. Which vote is rather yours, I can't decide their appeal both variants. Both speakers provide a maximum of what can be demanded at the required prices: Highly decent sound without weaknesses and with no experimentation in terms of coordination – both kits sound correct in the best sense. Holger Barske