Still fresh of pressure, the Audio Test Test fazit heft 08/2016 to monitor No. 4 Royal

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Torny and perky play the monitor No. 4 Royal on the first hearing test without a long warm-up phase. This reveals a very balanced tonal vote. In the sound picture, basses and heights come into their own equally, without which any tendency could be heard. Each instrument is assigned its place and retains its own character. With rousing guitar solos and dust-dry basses, the mood really comes up. Simply impressive what is presented here. That makes you want more.
Total conclusion: For 500 euros the piece the inclined customer receives a loudspeaker, which unfolds its full potential in small and medium rooms under real controls. With fantastic basses for its size, balanced mids and crystal clear heights, the Royal plays No. 4 clean over the entire frequency range. It remains neutral and should also satisfy higher demands.

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