New the Omnes Audio No4 Royal.

A royal masterpiece of our development department!
Sound and visual a royal apparition, this is how our new Omnes Audio No4 Royal kit presents itself with the Tang Band W4-1879!

No4 Royal kit front No4 Royal Driver W4-1879 No4 Royal W4_1879_close up

Omnes Audio No4 Royal kit

This visually puts the crown on the box with its copper-colored, unique phase plug! And tonally, the hobby HiFi already judged on the driver in your issue 03/2012: (…) Conclusion: The W4-1879 delivers peak performance in sound, low bass and dynamics. He is highly recommended for a small speaker with high-end entitlement, even taking into account his price.
Price: 227.59 euros apiece

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