NEU: The BB 3.5 by Omnes Audio.

Pretty golden our new little 3.5 inch broadband speakers.

BB3.5 frontal wholeBB3.5 solo from oblique aboveBB3.5 with neodymium magnet BB3.5 doubleBB3.5 2 side by side

Omnes Audio BB 3.5 Broadband

A broadband speaker that can be used very universally in the mid-high on sector. And with bass support, he really gets to the top shape!

A broad band that has all the characteristics of a modern chassis. From a well-ventilated light metal cast basket to the golden aluminium phase plug to the neodymium drive. Further over the lightly coated paper membrane, which is placed in the middle in a low-loss and long-lasting rubber corner.
The waterfall chart is as clean and pure as you can imagine. A sound pressure speed speed, which is almost perfectly linear up to 20 kHz, a good efficiency and the low climate factor level also characterize this speaker.


  • Light metal cast basket with 4 screws
  • Neodymium magnets system
  • Lightly coated paper membrane
  • Rubber Sicke
  • Full aluminium gold phase plug
  • Linear frequency response, very low climate


  • Exterior diameter 104 mm
  • Built-in diameter 88 mm
  • Built-in depth a total of 52 mm

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