New: Omnes Audio Monitor No. 4 titanium.

No4titan-singleNo4titan-chassis close No4titan-double-side-cloe No4titan-double-side-closer No4titan-double-to-each other-close No4titan-double-to-each other

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Our 4. Sting in terms of finished box! A titan among the small compact hi-fi boxes and an exceptional multi-purpose talent! Visually and tonally an ear and eye candy. Small, compact with crisp bass-with the 10cm (4 ") EdelbreiBands W4-1337 from Tang Band, a particularly high-quality music reproduction succeeds. With or without a subwoofer-in all areas this small loudspeaker will inspire you!

Technical Data:
Impedancy.: 8 Ohm
SPL:85 dB
Bass reflex
B x H x T: 162 x 230 x 200 mm
Frequency response 55 Hz – 20 kHz


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