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In green, like hope, so we present the Hobby HiFi Cumulus Sat/Center kit with the new CX3.1 in round. Not just acoustic, no also visual, a treat! Otherwise, it remains in the low medium tone in the evaluation W4-657, a first-class deep-medium toner with aluminum magnesium membrane, full aluminium phase plug, generously ventilated centering spider, long hub rubber pendulum, light metal pressure casting basket and Kapton Swing coil carrier. Thus, the Cumulus offers outstanding sound qualities, in the style of the well-known Cumulus series. We believe that the hope of a speaker exhibit of high end qualities delivers at a superior value for money will be fully fulfilled with the Cumulus. Equally suitable for hi-fi and home cinema use, whether as a center or at all positions, as well as as a stereo satellite in conjunction with a very good subwoofer, it brings with it high-end qualities. But convince yourself, we look forward to your judgment.

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