K + T heft 5/16 test conclusion to the Exclusive 3/8 Compact kit


Exclusie 3 _ 8 compact white frontal Exclusie 3 _ 8 compact white lying

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Class Box!
The Exclusive 3/8 takes few bars to convince completely: Thi
s is extremely powerful, dynamic, colorful and quite simply stirring. Now this is not the first time that I have heard the Exclusive Eighties in a bass reflex application – but this is undoubtedly the most successful incarnation of the concept. The box credibly conveys blackness, massive drawing and definition in the bass – large class. The American singer Shelby Lynne concludes the Reigen with her 2011 album "Revelation Road." This sounds so crisp, wide-ranging and conclusive that no more questions remain unanswered. Class Box.

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