Without crossover???

Can't be at all. but… Our classic FLAT 5 with the "old" W5-1611 …
Even loudspeaker constructions that look slightly different and are unusually designed can also convince. And how…
It's been exactly 10 years since we figured out the W5-1611 ' s broadband capability. The TML helps the driver create a solid bass foundation …
Everything else is history … I'm writing this with the release of the TML Plan and the (limited-time) special offer of the W5-1611 …

Silver bullet W5-1611

Hobby HiFi Testfazit heft 6/2017: Tweeter test!

Omnes Audio AMT 50: Acoustically excellent Air Motion tweeter at the fight price. With the AMT 50, Omnes Audio offers a particularly inexpensive air-motion transformer with very convincing acoustic qualities. AMT 50 in the shop

Omne’s Audio AMT 60: Acoustically perfect air-motion transformer at a reasonable price. Omnes Audio delivers an outstanding air motion tweeter in all disciplines with the AMT 60 at a very competitive price. AMT 60 in the shop

Tang Band 25-2234S: Particularly compact tweeter for D ‚Appolito constructions. Tang Band delivers a compact and very low-connected tweeter with the 25-2234S, which seems particularly appealing for symmetrical M-T-M arrangements according to D ‚Appolito. Tang Band 25-2234S in the shop

Tang Band RT-2202S: Tans tweeters as „supertweeter.“ As a ribbon tweeter, the RT-2202S promises extraordinary resolution. This is supported by the very low signal climate. As a super tweeter above 6,000 hertz, it is optimally used. Tang Band RT-2202S in the shop

New: Empor 2016 kit

dscf8482 dscf8469 dscf8473 dscf8494 Dscf8509

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Power of Tower! The new 2016 Empire, for hi-fi beginners the ideal box for small money. The 2 Omnes Audio LoCo 6.1, the 6-inch standard deep medium toner with a steel basket, provide the right wumms. The Omnes Audio T25H tweeter contributes the right heights. This driver combination, in the simple bass reflex box, offers power at its finest. Tuned to just under 40 Hertz, she plays warm, punchy, and really full of your favorite pieces. And loudly, she can, too. So get the Power of Tower Empor 2016 kit into your life!

On the plaques, done, go. On a swing hunts hunt!


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Overview of the current models

We clear and create space in our showroom and offer the finished boxes demonstration and exhibition models once at the price of the kit! All demonstration and exhibition models are tested in terms of measurement. Housing in cases From MDF raw, can have slight signs of use. All prices are pickup prices. Shipping only by appointment.

New: The Omnes Audio Greenwood 10 Koax kit

1 Greenwood 10 Koax Front 2 Greenwood 10 Koax Double Front 4 Greenwood 10 Koax Doubles close 5 Greenwood 10 Koax double slanted

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Cinema Feeling at its best! New: The Omnes Audio Greenwood 10 Koax kit, our response to the increased desire for real home cinema sound. What this means can be seen if you consistently select the speakers to do so. Plenty of membrane area, efficiency and tuning which is good on the dampened home cinema or Housing cinema facilities are tailored. With the Greenwood 10 Koax, we put another variant of real "cinema feeling" loudspeaker to the side of the inclined self farmer.

K + T heft 5/16 test conclusion to the Exclusive 3/8 Compact kit


Exclusie 3 _ 8 compact white frontal Exclusie 3 _ 8 compact white lying

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Class Box!
The Exclusive 3/8 takes few bars to convince completely: Thi
s is extremely powerful, dynamic, colorful and quite simply stirring. Now this is not the first time that I have heard the Exclusive Eighties in a bass reflex application – but this is undoubtedly the most successful incarnation of the concept. The box credibly conveys blackness, massive drawing and definition in the bass – large class. The American singer Shelby Lynne concludes the Reigen with her 2011 album "Revelation Road." This sounds so crisp, wide-ranging and conclusive that no more questions remain unanswered. Class Box.

New kit: Exclusive 3/8 Line

Exclusive 3 _ 8 Frontal whole Exclusive 3 _ 8 close to each other Exclusive 3 _ 8 from below

More info it in the shop: Exclusive 3/8 Line kit

Exclusive 3/8 Line-in the frenzy of the deep!
Our 3-way bass reflex kit relies on the sonic qualities of our excellent small coaxial system with aluminium membrane, the Omnes Audio CX3.1 in the high and middle range, supported by the excellent Exclusive 8 in the low-tone range. This combination impresses, not really surprisingly, with perfect spatial sound reproduction, clean latitude, detail and incredibly precise and dynamic bass reproduction. Welcome to the frenzy of the deep!

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