Hobby HiFi Testfazit heft 6/2017: Tweeter test!

Omnes Audio AMT 50: Acoustically excellent Air Motion tweeter at the fight price. With the AMT 50, Omnes Audio offers a particularly inexpensive air-motion transformer with very convincing acoustic qualities. AMT 50 in the shop

Omne’s Audio AMT 60: Acoustically perfect air-motion transformer at a reasonable price. Omnes Audio delivers an outstanding air motion tweeter in all disciplines with the AMT 60 at a very competitive price. AMT 60 in the shop

Tang Band 25-2234S: Particularly compact tweeter for D ‘Appolito constructions. Tang Band delivers a compact and very low-connected tweeter with the 25-2234S, which seems particularly appealing for symmetrical M-T-M arrangements according to D ‘Appolito. Tang Band 25-2234S in the shop

Tang Band RT-2202S: Tans tweeters as “supertweeter.” As a ribbon tweeter, the RT-2202S promises extraordinary resolution. This is supported by the very low signal climate. As a super tweeter above 6,000 hertz, it is optimally used. Tang Band RT-2202S in the shop