Hobby HiFi heft 2/2017 chassis test 20 cm deep toener. Considerable test fazits!

Omne's Audio Exclusive 8: Wishsandwich hard membrane for tight basses. Omnes Audio delivers an excellent bass driver with the Exclusive 8. Thanks to the restrained volume demand, even two or three pieces in a stand box lead to not exceeding case size. To the shop

Omne's Audio W8 Alu black and silver: The acoustic frequency response impresses with perfect linearity and balance of up to 2,000 hertz. Low distortion values complete the exemplary acoustic transmission behavior. To the shop

Omnes Audio W8-670Z: News from the Portokasse! Verdict: Subwoofer from the postage box-now even more so: Blue Planet Acoustic's new subwoofer driver allows for even deeper bass with continued lush level resistance-a real snapper. To the shop