Full broadside! Hobby HiFi Heft 5/2017 Chassis Test fullrange units

Under the title "Full broadside," 6 different broadband from our house was tested. The results can be seen, as always. Illustrations in order of conclusion from left to right. We look forward to your orders;-)

Omnes Audio BB8.01: High-efficiency broadband horn drivers for Jericho and other horns. Conclusion: The BB8.01 is an excellent broadband for use in a horn case or as a sound transducer for satellite and satellite. FAST systems. As a subwoofer, the corner horn fits very well. To the shop

Tang Band W3-2141: Mini broadband with low-tone ambitions. Conclusion: With the W3-2141, Tang Band manufactures one of the rare smallest broadband, which are perfectly positioned even in the low-tone range. To the shop

Tang Band W4-2142: All-round successful broadband up to 30 kHz. Conclusion: Tang Band can only be congratulated on the new four-inch broadband: The W4-2142 offers excellent quality in all disciplines and at an attractive price. To the shop

Tang Band W5-2143: Broadbands with corrective needs but surprisingly high sound potential. Conclusion: At first glance, the W5-2143 does not seem easy. On close inspection, however, he proves to be a broadband sound transducer with extremely attractive possibilities and any menu of potential for well-sounding speakers. To the shop

Tang Band W6-2144: Broadbands with strong heights and sovereign deep-bass capability. Verdict: Tang Band delivers a broadband with ideal parameters for true deep bass playback with the W6-2144. Provided that a frequency response against the dominant high tone range, the chances for excellent sound are really good. To the shop

Tang Band W8-2145: Broadbands for the Cobra horn. Conclusion: The W8-2145 is currently one of the best broadband bands at a very popular price. In the Cobra horn, it achieves veritable high-end qualities. To the shop