What's cooking at Blue Planet Acoustic? Rosa Charlotte?


invers_Kalotte3a Invers _ Kalotte _ RearAngle Invers _ Kalotte with magnets

It does not yet have an official name, currently it is referred to internally simply as Inverse Kalotte, Aluminot or Rosa Charlotte. Maybe you have some ideas, as we should call them? The winner will receive a 50{0782c295fbe8c11dcac348631f60fa58a599b55df6bfce337377b0f1e8e5e9e3} discount on the couple! The final price is approx. 50 euros the piece. This one-piece, red gold colored aluminum inverse Kalotte is really tot-chick. The beautiful basket, the oversized oscillating coil with the internal magnet, give the chassis an incredibly beautiful design. A dainty stand box is already ready. So your name suggestions write as a comment in the Facebook post and you're there. Please go to the FB post here long.
We look forward to your certainly imaginative names;-)

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