Kit PR11-A and PR09-B Test fazit Klang + Sound Heft 6/2017

PR11-A in the shop PR09-B in the shop

Give rubber. We still have two of the new subwoofers with Tang Band drivers and passive membrane: A big one and a very small one, where you don't want to believe that really deep sounds come out. Do them though … The tiny PR11-A – a 1-litre sub shows how extreme the membranes combined with a corresponding driver work! And that's good, very good even: The bass dwarf is already there from 50 Hertz, offers a decent frequency range and can even do a bit of a level: For desk applications, it's just the thing. The PR09-B is the scale enlargement of the dwarf: Here, of course, it is in terms of depth and level at other scales: 35 Hertz at a healthy 85 dB at one watt is there and a resilience that still shows no limits at 95 decibels: For music and even in a The still very compact PR09-B is ideal for a smaller home cinema setup. Conclusion: For applications with minimal space requirements, the ideal subwoofer. Thomas Schmidt