Partner Companies

Here we list companies that make a decisive contribution to our products or with whom we have been working for years.

Millan loudspeaker construction

Many projects have been developed at Millan. Millan loudspeaker construction manufactures 90% of our pattern speakers and has a creative part in the design. Millan load speaker construction is a small manufacturer that makes every customer's wish possible. From different types of wood to special requests and paints, anything is possibl
e. A small, fine speaker manufacturer.

Blue planet acoustic sells loudspeakers developed by Milan loudspeaker construction and equipped with our chassis.

Speaker Case

Your carpenter when it comes to wood for our kits. There is neither a cheaper nor one that can produce better woodcuts
. The woodcuts are made according to our CAD drawings. Also features Speaker Case Pattern chassis


DIE Online Newspaper for Self-Construction. Test and technology .
.. We and our customers like to send chassis to Hifi self-construction again and again. The data obtained is at industry level.

Blue planet acoustic sells speakers equipped with OmnesAudio or Tang Band chassis.