Omnes Audio OnePoint10 Kit Test Convenit Sound + Sound Heft 6/2017!


On Shooping

Off through the middle. Driver: The coaxial converter used is not one off the mark. The driver plays in the borderline between sound and hi-fi technology and is just right for contemporaries who would like it to be a bit trunk and more efficient with one or the other decibel. Sound: Interesting format as it stands in a listening position in front of one, the OnePoint10. Not really small, with the wraparound overrun and the slight inclination to the back definitely coherent and coherent in itself. I left a first acquaintance to the guitar anarcho Seasick Steve and his numerous self-built instruments of the oblique kind. The first grin was there after 2 bars, the following it became more and more wide. The box impresses from the stand with an open and wonderfully direct guitar sound and a pithy vocal articulation. Not in the slightest prolent, but with a view to the essentials … With the extremely impulsive material, the speaker is fully in its element. The extremely high-energy vibrafon in particular throws the horn tweeter into the room completely unstrained, and with terrifying dynamism … What am I missing? nothing. I think I have a new Omnes favourite box. Great class! Holger Barske