New: SideKick _ M kit

1-sidekick-bb3-5-to-the-outside 2-sidekick-bb3-5-adjacent to each other-innen2 3-sidekick-bb3-5 parallel 4-sidekick-bb3-5-each other-right angle, 2-outside

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Our small compact FAST system sees the light of the hi-fi world. Our smaller SideKick version M, M for Medium, comes with the Tang Band subwoofer W5-1138SMF and the Omnes Audio BB 3.5. Which, as you know, was judged by the hobby HiFi Heft 4/2016 with excellent acoustic qualities. The construction was definitely worth it. So small and yet so deep! Compact, works lying or standing and also put together as a soundbar. Be surprised.

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