New: Needle DeLuxe Silver kit

DSCF7376 Needle DeLuxe Silver close from below Needle DeLuxe Silver closer1

New in the shop: Needle DeLuxe Silver

Talking is silver, silence is gold. This ancient wisdom is far from true here. In our new Needle DeLuxe Silver kit, Silver refers to the new Tang Band W4-2142 and, according to the test fence, the hobby HiFi 3/2016 is an all-round successful broadband up to 30 kHZ. The four-inch can be described as excellent: The frequency response impresses with enormous broadband resistance up to as much as 30 kilohertz and this with optimal balance and linearity. Tang Band can only be congratulated on this: The W4-2142 offers excellent qualities in all disciplines and at an attractive price. Just the right broadband to breathe new life into the long tradition of the Needle DeLuxe series, as an excellent kit. Here music listening is gold and the W4-2142 phase plug is silver!

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