New: Hobby HiFi kit COBRA-HORN II

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New: The Hobby HiFi kit COBRA-HORN II with the excellent Tang Band broadband W8-2145 from issue 5/2017.
COBRA-HORN II. A miracle of space and dynamism. The Cobra-Horn II turns out to be a not too large broadband horn system, which allows for an almost intoxerating music experience. The Cobra horn delights with sovereign naturalness. Voices sound wonderfully realistic, their image succeeds with convincing authenticity. Terrific vocal volume, explosive dynamics. From the bass drum to brooms and hit-hat, every percussion sounded impulsively and vividly. The horn system offers explosive dynamic qualities and brilliant bass thrust. Sound perfection without compromise enables only a true broadband sound transducer, one that is perfect without a high-tone addition. At the other end of the dynamic scale, the cobras still provide an unrestricted overview of the acoustic impact, even if the volume is significantly reduced … In any case, the cobras are just the right sound converters for quiet sounds.