Sound + Sound Heft Luxury 2017 test verdict Blue Start 3.5 FAST


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Test verdict from the very fresh sound + sound Heft Settory 2017: A pretty compact stand box has become what Blue Planet Acoustic has put us in the listening room. In those, the kit is called "BlueStart 3.5 FAST …" With a good 113 euros per page "plus housing" you are there and for that there is a mature development without corners and edges. Sound: As far as the tuning of such broadband concepts is concerned, it has brought Blue Planet Acoustic to a certain championship, and the BlueStart 3.5 FAST leaves no doubt about that. You don't have to "hear" this speaker big, it works immediately. Tonal on the precisely circulated pleasant side, very classy and yet blessed with decent taker qualities, the whole thing works perfectly. The bass deserves its name, it rolls around quite convincingly, the vote got pleasantly voluminous, but not too "boomy." Very good. The tribber lacks the very last little bit of air at the very top-given. This is more likely to benefit the pleasant overall diction. Fits perfectly. That's exactly how you do something.

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