Outstanding Omnes Audio Chassis Test Fences by Hobby HiFi Heft Setei2017

bb8_01_front sw10_01_omnesaudio exclusive-6 oaudiocx30_round_front

1. Omnes Audio BB8.01: High-efficiency broadband horn drivers for Jericho and other horns. The BB8.01 is an excellent broadband for use in a horn case or as a sound transducer for satellite and satellite. FAST systems. As a subwoofer, we can imagine the Eckhorn 18 from Hobby HiFi 2/2003 very well. In the shop
2. Omnes Audio SW 10.01: Level solid and volume-sufficient subwoofer driver for less than 30 Hz. Omnes Audio's SW10.01 is an excellent subwoofer driver at an attractive price. In the shop
3. Omnes Audio Exclusive 6: Great acoustic quality thanks to honeycomb sandwich hard membrane. Omnes Audio delivers an excellent 18-centimetre bass with excellent acoustic quality, ideal for shelf boxes up to 20 litres. In the shop
4. Omnes Audio CX3.1: Medium high coax with aluminum and titanium membrane. Omnes Audio now delivers an even better mid-high coax with the CX 3.1 at a still startlingly cheap price. After all, it remained unchanged! In the shop

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