Blue Planet Acoustic

Called bpa briefly, since its inception in 2003, it has been dedicated with competence, passion and success to the import and export, production, development and distribution of loudspeakers (chassis) as well as various electronics in the Hifi sector.

The company was founded by Niklas Baur (graduate)

Our sales and development team only employs employees with many years of hi-fi and PA experience. All bpa speakers have one thing in common: Absolute spatiality and musicality. We do not neglect the laws of physics: Low clirr and flat frequency response are self-evident.

Sales have the task of providing our customers with optimal technical advice. We can offer housing calculation, turnaround and also model construction for all our chassis. From the sale of a single chassis to a complete prototype, we are the right person to contact.

Our own brand "German Engineering" Omnes Audio

Omne's audio quickly established itself in the hi-fi self-build and car hi-fi market. With Omnes Audio, we implement technically high-quality products with excellent value for money. We achieve this through our own constructions in Germany as well as close cooperation with the producers.

Under this specification, the format "Acoustic Guidance," so to speak our seal of quality, that we try to achieve for each product, was created and thus confirms our high quality standards.

Under Omne's Audio you will find fully developed kits and chassis.

Our products are used:

– in loudspeaker construction (discerning hobbyists or experts)

– in eavesdropping monitors

– in PA Line Arrays (small broadband speakers)

– with high-quality home cinema installations

-Hotels, restaurants and private houses (ceiling speakers)

Our sales products: Tang Band and miniDSP

Tang Band

The Asian company, which has made a name for itself worldwide with broadband speakers, is one of the industry's leading technology providers, even for the high quality standards of the European market. Tang Band is the undisputed technology and market leader in broadband.


miniDSP is a small innovative Hong Kong company. In just a short time, miniDSP has become one of the 10 most well-known engineers in the world. From beginner DSP to high-end DSP with FIR filters, as well as the implementation of the market leader for room acoustics: DIRAC LIVE

In our rooms, we work with various measurement systems:

  • CLIO by Audiomatica
  • ATB 701 by Kirchner Electronik

Speaker simulation software

  • Lsp CAD by Ingemar Johansson
  • AJHorn by AJ-Systems